For Hotels, Venues,
Restaurants, Catering Services
finding new customers
has never been so easy

For HotelsVenues,
Services finding
new customers has
never been so easy

I help hospitality facilities

As an external consultant, I help owners of hotels, venues, restaurants and catering services to find new customers and retain their loyalty.

I constantly promote and develop your business all over the country. I visit companies, corporations associations, institutions, sports clubs and businesses in a variety of industries that are looking for hospitality solutions.

Hospitality Coach

Developing business
and customer loyalty

Do you need to develop your sales office?
We may plan some guidance sessions at your company to understand your needs. After a first phase of analysis, I will be able to provide you with a detailed report on the following:

Brand perception: how the services and performance of your facility are perceived;

Strong points and potential to be developed: identifying the best features of your facility and your staff on which you should rely to be more successful;

Margins of improvement: what you should work on and how to achieve your goals.

If you wish to train your team to acquire new customers and retain their loyalty you can choose among the following courses:

Hospitality Coaching 2019 -2020

Guidance session


How to increase your customer base and your yearly revenues.

In the first phase of this course we will understand:

  • how to create a list of customers to contact;

  • when it is more productive to contact companies;

  • how to start a useful and efficient communication;

  • how to identify a company’s key contact people;

  • how to schedule your appointments and make the most of your time and resources;

  • how to schedule follow-ups.

In the second phase of this course we will understand that:

  • the first success is to get into a company and speak to the right person;

  • we should not waste this opportunity, so we must listen and understand the real needs of the company;

  • we will acquire the customer if we know how to use the information that we  collected.

Guidance session


Acquiring customers and retaining their loyalty: qualified staff, economic resources, precious time.

  • We will train and involve the entire team in our mission. Different, separate sessions will be held for each department: reception (front and back office), sales, events, restaurant, bar, housekeeping, treasury, maintenance;

  • we will make your staff more aware of the value that customers have for the hotel and the members of staff;

  • we will remind them how to welcome customers and act in all different situations, unexpected incidents included;

  • practical examples will help us to simulate a winning team: we will understand what rules should be followed not to waste the investment on the sales force.

Guidance session


Your staff represents your company: the company is the customer.

We will find out:

  • what is the behaviour of your staff that retains customer loyalty and generates positive word of mouth and new sales opportunities;

  • what is the behaviour of your staff that jeopardises the company’s performance and generates negative word of mouth, which thwarts good intentions and investments;

  • how to plan your staff’s training in order to obtain a winning team.

Please note that a special guest will take part in each session – the event manager or purchase office manager of a key player in the hospitality sector, whether national or international.

Start Up

New or under-renovation accommodation facilities

I can help you
on your new project

I can help you
on your new project

I can help you
on your new project

If you are renovating your hotel or are about to open a new accommodation facility, I can help you during the design phase. I can take care of:

  • analising the area;

  • analising your competitors;

  • understanding the demand and identifying potential customers;

  • defining your price policy;

  • assisting and training your sales force;

  • outlining a convincing policy to develop business and customer loyalty

If we work together along these lines and start at least a year and a half before the opening date, we can set up an effective sales strategy. This will enable you to get high occupancy and satisfactory revenues since the very first days.
Finally, we can also organise targeted invites for the opening event.

Mystery Guest

The point of view of those who work in a hotel, venue or restaurant is often ‘technical’. It is grounded on the habits that they have acquired in their working experience.

The owner, the director or the employee assess performance in a different way to customers, whose evaluation is subjective, based on their needs.

That is way neither staff nor customers are able to express a 100% objective judgement on the main quality standards that define the reputation of a hospitality facility:

  • friendliness and efficiency of staff;

  • cleanliness and comfort of facility;

  • variety of services

Would like to test your facility?

Contact me if you wish to test different departments in your hospitality facility: we can plan a Mystery Experience. I can provide you with a detailed analysis of the following departments:

  • front office and reception;

  • reservations by phone or e-mail compared to on-line sales on your website;

  • rooms;

  • housekeeping and maintenance;

  • events services;

  • bar and restaurant.


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